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Information on Veteran Eye Care

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North Range Eye Care provides comprehensive eye care services outside the VA Hospital in conjunction with TriWest Alliance. The eye exam is covered by the VA with no copay and includes a full eye health examination and a new glasses prescription. If glasses are needed, the VA offers a benefit of $325 towards any optical needs.

North Range Eye Care was the very first office outside the VA to provide eyeglasses to the veterans in the Denver area. Veterans will need to call the VA directly to request an appointment with us. The VA will then call and give us the authorization request and set up the appointment directly.

When calling the VA, please specifically request North Range Eye Care for your visit, or they may send you somewhere else.

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Questions & Answers About Veteran Eye Care

  • Who do I call to make the appointment?
    • You will call the VA directly at 866-606-8198. Make sure to request an eye exam with North Range Eye Care Specifically. You can call us, and we will give you this same number and the same instructions
  • How long after I call the VA will I be seen?
    • The VA’s authorization request timeframe may vary. They usually like to schedule at least 2 weeks in advance in order to send you a confirmation letter in the mail. We have availability sooner, and if urgency is required, the VA can usually make it happen quicker
  • What will it cost me for my glasses?
    • The VA gives each veteran a benefit of $325 dollars towards anything they need from optical. We have provided discounts above and beyond our normal discounts to help maximize that benefit. We also have a line of frames that cost only $50 to help maximize that benefit (you may choose any frame you like, or bring in your own as well). In general, if you only need basic glasses with no upgrades (for example a lined bifocal with one upgrade), it will normally be covered in full. However, if you decide to get all the bells and whistles (No-Line progressive lens, anti-reflective coating, and transitional lenses there will likely be overage from the $325.). For the top tier lens choice and all the upgrades, the overage cost to the veteran is a maximum of $125.
  • Why do the glasses cost me anything? They have been covered 100% in the past.
    • Each VA hospital is independently managed. Hospitals in different locations may have different benefits. Unfortunately, the VA’s benefits and guidelines are always changing. We are usually informed about these changes in order to best serve our patients who are Veterans. So one visit to the next, it may be different. We apologize for the confusion and changing circumstances.

To Schedule An Eye Exam For A Veteran, Please Call The VA: 866-606-8198

Attention Patients of North Range Eye Care

Federal CDC and Colorado Guidelines regarding the COVID19 situation:

Eye Care Facilities have been allowed to resume “Routine Eye Care Visits” at a pace that allows proper cleaning and social distancing. We are currently seeing routine exams on a reduced schedule to accommodate these requirements. We are monitoring and following guidelines closely to be able to accommodate more patients as things are phased in on a Federal, State, and Local level:

Please note the following for your visit:

Staff and Patients are REQUIRED to wear a mask for any visit within the office. If you do not have an adequate mask, one will be provided for you. If you elect not to wear a mask, we will happily reschedule your appointment until regulations for masks are no longer required

  1. Adult Patient Only
  2. Minor Patients + 1 Guardian
  3. Elderly Patient + 1 Caretaker
  4. We appreciate your help and understanding during these unprecedented times. North Range Eye Care cannot wait to get back to business as usual and continue to provide outstanding services to our wonderful community.