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Dear Patients,

Effective March 15th, we will no longer be an in-network provider for Superior Insurance.

In 2019, Superior Vision bought out a competing vision plan, Davis Vision. These two companies have merged to become Versant Health. With this merger, Superior Vision has upcoming changes including:

  • No choice in ophthalmic optical laboratories. This means that spectacle orders must be sent across the country for production and historical turnaround times can be at least 3-4 weeks.
  • Limited contact lenses options can be chosen and evaluated for patients
  • Increases in office administration time and decreasing provider reimbursement rates.

For these main reasons, we have decided not to sign onto this new Versant Health vision plan. This also means that any existing Superior Vision plans will also be considered out of network.

What does this mean for our patients who continue with Superior/Versant coverage?

  • We can still provide you and your family with routine eye care services, glasses, and contact lenses. Superior/Versant allows for “Out of Network” care. This means that you would pay for the services at the time of the visit and can submit our detailed receipt to Superior/Versant for reimbursement at their rates.
  • We will still be in-network with most medical insurances and can still care for you and your family for any non-routine examinations through your medical insurance.
  • In some instances, medical insurances will also have a “routine exam” benefit that can be used in place of Superior/Versant coverage. In other instances, we can bill your medical insurance for the health portion of the exam and the glasses portion will be separate.

Click here to view a list of insurances that we accept at our practice

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