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Our Student Resident Doctor

Starting May 20th, 2019 North Range Eye Care will become an adjunct education site for Southern College of Optometry, where our optometrist, Dr. David Hite, O.D. has become an Adjunct Professor.

The Resident Doctor will provide full-service eye care.  Dr. Hite will be proctoring and co-managing all patients seen by the Student Resident Doctor. The Resident Doctor will be available for same day or next day appointments.

Patients who choose to see our Resident Doctor will receive $50 in discounts:

  • Complimentary Digital Retinal Photography ($25 value)
  • $25 discount off of either a complete set of eyeglasses or annual contact lens supply (in addition to any insurance benefits)

Optometrist talking to patient in Colorado, CO

Questions & Answers About Our Student Resident Doctor

  • What education level does the resident have?
    • The Resident Doctor is currently in their last year of education.  They have had two years of clinical experience. They are literally months away from having their degree.
  • Will I get to choose what doctor I see?
    • Yes, all patient will always have the choice of which provider they want to have their care with
  • Does the resident work alone?
    • The Resident will perform all needed pretesting and examination procedures required to solve your problem.  You case will be reviewed and approved by Dr. Hite prior to conclusion. Dr. Hite at times will come and re-check to help educate the Resident.
  • Why do you offer incentives to see the Resident?
    • Since the Resident is still in their education process, they are still learning how to improve their exam efficiencies.  Your total exam time may be slightly longer than usual and may require a second check by Dr. Hite. To compensate you for the extended examination time, we are offering complimentary digital screening and a discount off glasses or contact lenses.  Your total time in office should still be under one hour.
  • What if I don’t need glasses or contact lenses, do I still get any discounts?
    • You will still receive complimentary digital photography.  However, the other $25 credit is only applicable to the patient seen, if they purchase from our office.